What Is The Role Of Accounting?


The first obstacle that arises when hiring a good accountant is understanding all that an accountant has to offer. When the entrepreneur is focused only on collecting taxes and filling out the payroll, his decision-making power may be limited. Until a few years ago, the accountant was seen as a professional limited to bureaucratic routines so that a company could act within the legal framework. However, this is a view that is increasingly in the past. Due to the evolution of technology, several procedures can be automated, and the accountant has more time and autonomy to generate value in other ways. With this, the accounting office has become an ally of companies to help them achieve success.

In addition to taking care of the legal aspects, hiring good accounting ensures that you have access to services such as tax planning, financial consulting, corporate management, and management of the tax department, among many others. By dealing with your company’s financial and asset data, the accountant can help you create new views about your own business.

The accountant’s role goes far beyond taking care of the company’s accounting obligations. After all, based on the findings of the business, this professional can propose solutions to the entrepreneur, being his right arm in the management of the company;

Understand why the accountant is so important, what you need to observe, and when is the right time to hire one;

How to hire a good accountant such as Susan S. Lewis is a question for many entrepreneurs, especially those who are formalizing their business.

This concern is, in fact, quite relevant, considering that this professional will deal with a very important sector of the company: accounting.

But what to consider when hiring an accountant? Experience? Formation? Services do you offer? All this and a few more aspects! And to help you better understand how to hire a good accountant and answer all your questions, we have developed this content with the following topics:

Why Is It Essential To Hire An Accountant?

“The entrepreneur and the business company are obliged to follow an accounting system, mechanized or not, based on the uniform bookkeeping of their books, in correspondence with the respective documentation, and to draw up annually the balance sheet and the economic result.” And, to organize your company’s accounting and propose solutions, such as, for example, the best way to reduce inventory expenses, the participation of the accountant is essential.

This is because he is the professional responsible for taking care of the accounting obligations of a company and helping the entrepreneur in the management of the business. However, you need to know what to look for when hiring this professional.