Ways That You Can Save Energy And Manage Your Bill

Investing in changes in habits and the facility’s infrastructure can bring reductions in a short period. To help you better visualize this reduction scenario to understand what can be improved within your company, here are some tips to reduce energy consumption and increase the installation’s energy efficiency that can also be handled by e360 Power for example.

Find Out How To Lower Your Electricity Bill And Save

Invest In Awareness

The starting point when we talk about reducing energy consumption is the team’s awareness of the positive impact we will have. Small actions with little or no financial impact are indicated as the first step in searching for increased energy efficiency. Therefore, invest in actions with HR and internal marketing of your company, such as lectures, dynamics, and disclosures focusing on what everyone can do to reduce energy consumption.

Replace Outdated Equipment And Appliances

Older appliances or appliances that have not been maintained for some time are one of the main villains in energy consumption. Because of this, try to change the equipment for more modern versions, as they are usually, and increasingly, produced to be more efficient and economical.

The exchange can even pay off the investment made in a few months by making this change. But always be careful to carry out maintenance of all appliances, ensuring proper functioning and durability.

Always stay tuned with maintenance planning. We must have a regular maintenance plan for equipment, especially those with a higher power. If this does not occur, the machine or equipment in question may end up not operating correctly, increasing its consumption and generating unnecessary expenses.

Energy Saving Seal

Since we are talking about equipment, always make sure that you purchase or already have a device with an energy-saving seal. Each piece of equipment has a consumption and performance index. If possible, consider this at the time of purchase, as this seal guarantees savings and more sustainable consumption.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning devices are among the biggest energy consumers within a company. In many cases, it is difficult to give up this comfort. Still, it is perfectly acceptable not to turn them on and generate good savings in some regions of the country or specific periods of the year.

Caution With Devices On Standby

Appliances with standby mode (better known as standby) can significantly increase the energy bill and are often ignored. Televisions, monitors, printers, microwaves, and several other devices, when kept on standby, usually leave some peripheral circuit activated, whether just an indicative led or clock.

This tip may seem irrelevant, but if we consider the amount of equipment with this feature spread across the company, we can conclude that we can have some savings. As mentioned in the previous item, the seal indicates the device’s energy consumption in question when it is in standby mode. This information can be used to carry out this survey of consumption that we can obtain.