Top Ways New York City Keeps People Moving

If you’ve ever been to New York City, you may have wondered how so many people fit into one place. The population of New York City is over 8 million. There are over 1.6 million in the 23 square miles of Manhattan alone. How do they ever keep that many people moving so effortlessly? Here are several facts about how people make their way through The Big Apple.

New York Runs Skyward

Manhattan is known for its beautiful, towering skyscrapers. This means that like many dense areas around the globe, they built skyward. These massive buildings boast larger than ordinary elevators holding many more people than standard models. Not only that, but there are many elevators moving at once. This is almost constant motion. Since there are over 80,000 elevators in New York City, including escalators and freight style, it would seem that as many people are moving vertically as horizontally!

Revolving and Automated Doors

To deal with ongoing high volumes of people, most large stores, hotels and office buildings have installed revolving and automated dorma doors New York. These types of doors are perfect in a city of this magnitude. It keeps the flow of people moving and prevents clogged doorways and jams on the sidewalk. This easy access is especially helpful when carrying packages and when the weather turns cold.

Modes of Transportation

Talk about a city in continuous movement. If you stop and step back, you’ll see endless cars, taxis, walkers, buses, ferries, horse-drawn carriages, subways and even helicopters above. New York has dominated transportation on land, water and in the sky. There are literally thousands of people all moving at the same time.

Moving People Forward

In a city with this many people, New York is extremely orderly and efficient. From steadily running doors, elevators and almost every type of transportation in existence, New York City is the king of moving people forward.