The Top 5 Qualities of Excellent Leaders

If you’re at the point in your business where you need to promote or hire a manager, know which qualities to look for so he or she will have better odds of being productive. Here are the top five leadership qualities to look for in your next hire.


Trust is at the top of the list because it is of utmost importance. The person you hire to be the middle man between you and your employees must believe in what you do. He or she has to know that you have the best interest of everyone in mind and that the policies you are enforcing together are necessary. If the manager you hire doesn’t believe in you or your business, it will show and eventually damage the integrity of your operations.


If you hire a manager that is promising a lot with little follow-through, you won’t be able to trust what he or she says. Once you have reason to doubt what someone is telling you, it puts you in an uneasy relationship with reality. Being unsure of what is correct will hinder your ability to run your business.


Although a leader should project confidence, he or she should also readily admit mistakes and take responsibility to make things right.


A great person to have on your management team will be able to solve a wide variety of problems. Tech, interpersonal, or financial problems are just a few of the types of issues he or she may need to address.


A leader should be committed to the growth and well-being of his or her team. These commitments might include noticing training opportunities, making sure no workplace accidents happen or having group captive insurance.

If you recognize these top leadership traits in an employee, go ahead and make them a part of your management team!