The Great Options for Credit Card Processing

The tips you should follow about credit card management, your PIN code and the use of credit cards on the Internet.

Credit cards and PrePaid are considered safe and reliable means of payment, whether traveling or on the Internet. The Internet offers a multitude of possibilities, but also involves risks. Protect yourself against hackers and other crooks. The use of credit card and 3-D Secure via service one is already a good coverage. The merchant services are perfectly safe there.

General safety tips

  • Treat your card carefully, as if it were cash.
  • Regularly check the movements on your account or your credit card bill and immediately make a claim in the event of an irregularity.
  • Never give out your card number without being asked (exception: written orders or by phone).
  • Your Bank or Visa Card Services will never ask you to disclose your card details such as your credit card number or PIN code by e-mail or telephone. Emails are certainly phishing emails and should be deleted immediately. For the credit card processing this is important.

How to use your card at the vending machine safely

Do not be distracted or observant when withdrawing cash from a distributor or payment terminal and do not accept any assistance from third parties. Be sure to enter your personal code out of sight (for example by hiding the input field with your second hand).

In case of loss, theft or non-return of your card by a vending machine, have it blocked immediately. Check before using a vending machine or a payment terminal (e.g. automatic ticketing), if visible or removable objects or covers are affixed and would suggest any illegal handling on the device. If this is the case, immediately contact the relevant bank, the operating company or in case of emergency the police. For the merchant account  safety is important.

How to use your personal code safely

Learn your personal code by heart. Never divulge it and do not write it down. The PIN code can be changed at ATMs. However, do not use combinations that are too easy to guess, such as birth dates, car registration numbers, phone numbers or similar codes. 

Use of credit cards on the Internet

Self-Services one

Improve the comfort and security of your online payments and register for the free service one. You will be able to check and confirm your payments online thanks to the app one (payment procedure 3-D Secure).

Enter only your credit card details if the connection is secured by the SSL encryption protocol. We recommend that you do this only for 128-bit SSL connections.

If no 128-bit SSL connection is possible, we recommend that you place only the online order and transmit the card data by fax or telephone to the merchant.

  • If in doubt, give up the order instead.
  • Do not place an order by paying by credit card on publicly available computers. The data is stored in a buffer and could be read by the next user.
  • Write down all purchases made over SSL connection or print an order confirmation.
  • Only shop at online stores you trust.

Keep all receipts carefully (returns, hotel cancellations, proof of cancellation, e-mails, notices by post or courier, etc.). In case of disagreement and claims, they are essential in order to make a claim.