Discover the multidimensional role of industrial architectural firms for each project!

The term “industrial architecture” is a comprehensive one, which covers planning, design, construction of industrial buildings, offices, and premises. Warehouses, retail outlets, commercial buildings, manufacturing units, food processing plants are some of the basic examples related to industrial architecture. When it comes to such projects, companies need more than a basic architectural practice. Known names, like Stendel + Reich, offer industrial architecture with a perspective that’s unique and specific to the industry and needs of the project. In this post, we are discussing the role of these firms in shaping different industries.

More than just design

Contrary to what many laymen may think, industrial architecture is not just about designing commercial buildings. It has a lot to do with ensuring workflow and catering to the specific requirements of the concerned project. For example, in case of a warehouse or distribution center, the focus is more on workflow than the design of the place, while for retail units, use of space and movement of footfall are aspects that need more attention. Every industry is unique, and so are the specific needs in terms of premises and spaces, and the role of an industrial architectural practice is to ensure that all aspects are taken care of.

Decoding the basic aspects

Regulatory compliance, statutory standards and other norms that pertain to building and construction industry must be followed, and for that, clients rely on theindustrial architect they have hired. Most companies allow clients to have a clear understanding of what they can achieve and what they cannot, and based on these aspects, they often work on the design and further plans. A reliable and experienced industrial architectural practice will collaborate with clients and offer a fair picture of the work flow. They will be also actively involved in the execution and construction process, so as to ensure that designs are followed as required.

In conclusion

Energy consumption, automation, new trends and technologies, and workplace safety are other things that an industrial architectural company is expected to look into. If your company needs assistance with a commercial building or industrial premises, consider hiring a service that has extensive experience within the industry and beyond. Check some of their recent projects, find more on their expertise and if required, check their clientele and retention rate. Think of this as the biggest investment for your project, because the right company will help in reducing a lot of other expenses.