Questions to Ask When Choosing Retail Shelving

When you are designing your retail space, you need to consider a few things. You need to understand the importance of using the right retail shelving, usage of light, and planning the proper layout. All of these create an inviting environment for your customers. However, among all, it is the retail shelving that plays an integral part. So here are a few questions and considerations that you need to make before you finally select them.

How much space do I have?

The store’s size is the answer to this question. The size of the store means the available space to work with. Thus, the shelving you finalize must complement to the space that you will use for merchandising. Also, you need to consider the departments that your store has. There are certain departments like butcheries or dairies that do not need them and you need to understand where will these shelves be properly installed.

What products does your store stock?

The products that your store displays and sells have a direct impact on the shelves that you choose. The materials that you are planning to showcase also need to be planned out for there are many types of shelving available. If you want your customers to pay attention to a certain type of merchandise, you need to pick a shelf that will help everybody concentrate on it. Also, if your store has the majority of garments on sale, wooden shelves are the best option. Also, it is a poor option if you want to place sharp and pointy objects on display. You need metal shelves for that purpose. The shape of your products, their weight, the packaging and appearance, and the product movement plays an important role in deciding about which shelf should be chosen.

What is the weight of your products?

As discussed, this is a very important factor to consider. The shelf that you have chosen must also have the capability to bear the weight of your products. The shelves must be functional and they should be chosen in a way that does not demand frequent replacement. You also need a desired length of the shelf so that you can stock ample products on it and choose the material ideally. You can pick floating shelves or the methods of gondola shelving, whichever works best for the store.

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