NCWC Inc. Is Leading The Way On Car Part Protection Plans

While drivers aren’t on the road as often due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, many are also finding that they don’t have the budget room to purchase a new vehicle when their car parts give out. Drivers are increasingly turning to protection plans such as those offered by NCWC Inc. to shield themselves from these expensive repair costs while driving older vehicles.

Protection plans follow a straightforward structure: drivers pay a monthly premium to a company like NCWC Inc., and the company handles any covered repair bills on their behalf. It is similar to the warranty that comes with a new car, though superior in many circumstances.

NCWC Inc. is a leader in this industry because it allows customers to choose the contract that best fits their needs. For example, Engine Coverage is available to drivers who want to protect themselves from engine and transmission repair bills. Since nothing else is included, drivers are paying only for the coverage they plan to use.

In contrast, NCWC’s Select coverage plans include nearly every car part drivers can think of. It provides maximal peace of mind because drivers never need to ask themselves if a particular component is covered.

NCWC Inc. contracts are also accepted at all licensed repair shops throughout the United States and Canada, so drivers never need to worry about leaving a limited coverage area. Repair shops are compensated directly, so drivers never need to wait for reimbursement either.

Each contract is also transferable, so drivers can leverage it to improve their automobile’s resale value.

Furthermore, every contract the company sells includes numerous bonuses designed to help drivers get as much value out of it as possible. Roadside assistance services such as fuel delivery or emergency jump start are available at no additional charge. Likewise, NCWC Inc. will pay for a professional locksmith to help drivers get back into their car if they are locked out.

Every contract also includes trip interruption protection, so drivers can get their choice of a stipend to help cover room and board expenses or a rental vehicle if their car breaks down while they’re out of town. There is no limit to the number of claims a driver may make over the course of their contract, incentivizing drivers to make as many claims as they can without worrying about any artificial caps.

Sample contracts are available on, allowing prospective customers to review what they are buying before they purchase it. NCWC Inc. also employs a knowledgeable team of sales representatives who can help customers identify their needs and purchase the right plan.

NCWC Inc. understands that many drivers are struggling to pay the bills right now, and every car part protection plan they offer includes free financing to make paying for it a little more manageable.

Customers can also count on NCWC Inc. to be there when they are needed most. The company is backed by Palmer Administrative Services, an A-rated insurance company with over 30 years of experience in the industry between its executive team members. NCWC Inc. is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau (or BBB) and responds to all customer queries in a timely fashion.

Readers who are interested in learning more about how NCWC Inc. can save drivers money on costly car parts are encouraged to contact the company directly through the information below. They would be happy to address any pressing questions you may have.