Go For the Best Ewallet to Get VIP Treatment

An electronic wallet, many times are known as a digital wallet or ewallet, which is a digital version of payment cards that are approved to carry out a transaction on your behalf. When you make little payments, ewallet us pretty useful as paying through credit card is expensive. Ewallet mist is linked to your personal bank account for proper functioning. Ewallet are apps which can be downloaded and installed in your mobile device such s Smartphone. This software incorporates all personal banking information, including debit/ credit card number, billing address, expiration date, and other relevant information.

Advantages of Ewallet

Use of ewallet is very safe and minimizes the risk of deceitful activities compared to debit or credit cards. As the wallet is already funded, you need not provide your bank or card information while you make a payment on the purchase. Ewallet service providers like Neteller provide you lot of convincing and ease while making an online purchase. All you have to tap in your mobile device to make the payment. You can scan the bar code of the purchased material to make a payment through ewallet, which takes just a few seconds. It gives you a much quicker and easier experience while making a purchase.

Security features of this ewallet are of the state of the art technology. Every transaction needs your approval though PIN, password, or fingerprint scanner. Another advantage of using ewallet is you need not disclose debit or credit card details while making a payment online or offline. The information is heavily encrypted and safeguarded by the service provider, and only you can access it through biometrics or password. If you lose your mobile device, you can deactivate it instantly and use your ewallet once you buy a new one.

VIP levels

As you reach higher VIP levels, you get more benefits like higher withdrawal limits and lower currency conversion fees. You can avail of the cashback offers they provide, which can range from 0.3 to 0.8%. It redefines your user experience while making payment and incorporates uniqueness to every purchase you do. For every USD you transfer to and from, you amass a reward point. Platinum VIP cardholders get 1.25 points per USD, and Diamond VIP cardholders get 1.5 points per USD. These points can be redeemed to cash or making a purchase from a VIP point shop.VIP cardholders are entailed to enjoy anniversary reward points once you reach a new VIP level, for the first time.

  • Bronze VIP – 1,000 Anniversary points.
  • Bronze Pro VIP – 1,000 Anniversary points.
  • Silver VIP – 9,000 Anniversary points.
  • Gold VIP- 10,000 Anniversary points.
  • Platinum VIP card – 20,000 Anniversary points.
  • Diamond VIP card – 50,000 Anniversary points.

Neteller is one of the secure and superlative payment methods, which you can use worldwide. It is not only the quickest but the safest possible way to make your payment. This company was promoted by Paysafe group in the year 1999 in Canada and later shifted to the Isle of Man in the year 2004.