What are the HIPAA Compliant Texting Regulations?

The points that are minimally demanded HIPAA compliant texting include:

  • Protected information facilities: Onsite or offsite, e.g., cloud, data facilities should use a high degree of physical safety and policies to review controls and carry out recurring danger evaluations.
  • Encryption: ePHI is encrypted both en route as well as at rest.
  • Recipient verification: Confirmation that any type of interaction containing ePHI most likely to its desired recipient.
  • Audit manages The capacity to create and record an audit trail of all tasks, consisting of text messages consisting of ePHI.

The sheer volume of SMS message suggests a total preference for this type of interaction. The almost two trillion messages in 2018 are practically more than double the one trillion sent out in 2008, so who understands the number of messages Americans will send out going forward.


Your method may already send patients text suggestions for upcoming visits. There’s proof this method can reduce your individual no-show rate. HIPAA regulations generally do not relate to communications without ePHI.

Text tips also seem to assist individuals with healthcare, drug, and way of living reminders. As examples, researchers reveal chronic condition text messaging can aid people to manage their diabetes, advise African-Americans with hypertension to take their drug, as well as help people boost their workout as well as exercise levels, although some claim even more research study on finest methods is needed.

Healthcare vendors supply applications that guarantee secure texting, as well as would permit doctors and physicians to connect within a HIPAA-compliant system. Confirm details abide by HIPAA because federal government agencies do not veterinarian a number of these apps. Likewise, if you picked to use a third-party protected texting platform, bear in mind the three demands for securing PHI: stability, confidentiality, and schedule.

One more option, since more than 80% of medical professionals utilize digital health information systems, is to interact with clients by sending emails through a protected website. As you possibly understand, protected portals can aid qualified suppliers to satisfy meaningful use.

Whatever approach you utilize, remind your personnel to never move ePHI with non-secure methods of communication, as well as while we praise you on moving to the world of fast, as well as practical digital interaction with individuals.