Some reasons why employee quit or leave the organization

For any business employees are a key part of their success. It will have a huge impact any organization if the employees start to leave the company. During this period the company can incur losses and also tarnish its reputation.

Why people are leaving the company?


  1. Low involvement in work

If an employee is losing interest or is not getting involved in work it is a sign that he/she might quit the job.

  1. Less growth

As the person’s skill set grows, they might ask for more complex tasks and also need to be appreciated. If this does not occur, they might quit the job.

  1. Work opposite to expertise

If the employee is given work that is not related to the work and does not come in his expertise, then he/she might get convinced to leave the job.

  1. No motivation

When the employee’s efforts are not appreciated it led to no motivation and eventually person quits.

  1. Conflict about opinions

If there is a conflict of interest or some creative differences, it can also lead to leaving.

  1. Some personal conflicts

Sometimes personal and professional life can overlap and lead to quitting of job.


Why do people in high ranks leave?

  1. No feedback

If an employee is not appreciated by management or his/her work is not recognized it may demoralize the employee.

  1. Management issues

The monitoring of employees should be done well. There should be a focus on a collective goal and not every aspect should be criticized and can lead to leaving or quitting.

  1. Management lacking trust

Trust should be gained and if not, the employee should move from the job.

Monitoring and evaluation

Constant monitoring should be initiated so to maintain a good work ethic and a pleasant workplace. For this employee monitoring software work examiner is used.

In the employee monitoring, software module configuration occurs. It collects all the essential details about the subordinates and employees of the company. For high-ranking employees, it can be used for self-evaluation.

From efficiency monitoring software you can check if the employee morale or constant changes in the work environment. It also has a screen recording feature that can be used for personal evaluation. If there are employees who are not disciplined and showing bad work ethic it can pinpoint their stats.

Efficiency monitoring software named work examiner is a simple tool and should only be used for evaluation purposes in employees and not in some unethical ways.

By using work examiner, you can pinpoint the areas that need to improved and some early indication that can show if the employee is planning to quit the company.