Sexual Harassment At Workplace – Understanding Your Legal Options!

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a common cause of concern all around the globe. According to various researches, one in three women has suffered sexual harassment at work. Many victims do not speak up about it due to fear. However, it is essential to know that they have the right to sue and receive financial compensation for the damages they suffered. 

Employment attorneys investigate your situation thoroughly and help collect evidence to protect your rights as an employee. An Essex County employment attorney can help you get compensated fairly by building your case in a logical manner that benefits you. This includes compensation for losses such as a decline in mental and physical health, forced unemployment or job shifts, and lost opportunities to develop skills. 

Consulting an employment attorney and understanding your situation. 

Being harassed at work is a distressing situation. The legalities involved are often complex, and incorrect decisions can make you lose your job and livelihood. An attorney reviews your case and identifies whether it is one of the two most common types of workplace harassment, which helps them advise an appropriate solution. Speaking to an attorney can help clarify your queries and reduce your uneasiness. 

  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment: Harassment occurs when the supervisor or employer threatens or bribes a subordinate for sexual favors. They are offered raises and promotions if they accept and threaten to be fired if they deny. 
  • Hostile work environment sexual harassment: When another employee or worker at the organization constantly makes sexual advances and suggestive remarks, it harms the victim’s mental health. These actions might affect their ability to work and productivity. 

Documentation of evidence. 

If there is insufficient or lack of evidence, the accused party might try to deny your allegations, and the case might end unfavorably. Try to secretly record any conversations where you are verbally harassed and note the time and date when these conversations occur. If the harassment you face is gender-biased, check whether coworkers of the same sex suffer the same. Create physical copies of inappropriate texts, pictures, and emails you receive and store them at a location without risk of it being discovered. 

Report it. 

Each state and most companies have specific policies to prevent sexual harassment while working. Before you can sue, you are obliged to report it to the concerned sector and let them take necessary action against the accused. Make sure you obtain a copy of the written complaint to use as evidence. If the company does not take corrective action to make the harassment stop, it is time to get an attorney by your side. Your employment attorney helps you figure out the best way to proceed to win your compensation.