How To Prevent a Slip & Fall Accident in Jersey City?

Slip and fall cases are quite common. If you faced a slip and fall accident, you should seek compensation for the same. You can take help from the Jersey City personal injury lawyer to make the process simpler. In this blog, you will learn about tips and tricks to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Keep up the regular maintenance regimen.

Over some time, your property degrades. Your curbs, sideways and walkways, may crack. So you need to do regular maintenance so that you don’t have a slip and fall accident. Don’t delay in mending things.

Use carpet over the slippery surface.

There is a trend of glossy floors, but they are also slippery and therefore, the chances of accidents increase. You should put a mat or carpet over the slippery surface so that there is sufficient friction and you don’t fall.

Turn on the lights

How many times has it occurred to you that you enter your room to take just one thing, and you avoid switching on the light for the sake of saving one millisecond? Too many times. Right? So avoid such things, and as the sunlight dims, you should switch on the light for safety, especially if there are kids at your home.

Avoid putting hindrance in your walking zone.

If you prefer an evening walk on your lawn, do not keep too many pots and trees that may hinder your way. Always keep the things in the periphery or boundary of the lawn to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Good housekeeping

While cleaning your washroom floor, make sure you turn on the fan and let the floor dry before allowing someone to use it. Even a small piece of toilet paper on the floor can be responsible for your injury due to slippage. So make sure that everything is intact. 

Secure wires at your home

There must be too many wires at your home- electrical wires, wifi cables, landline wire etc. It will be best if you keep the wires secured to prevent tripping. 

Footwear matters

Many times people fall because they keep on wearing footwear that has become frictionless. You should not save money in the case of footwear. You should wear good footwear with an excellent grip to prevent any accident. 


Though slip and fall cases are very common, you should understand that they are preventable. So take measures accordingly.