How To Choose The Right Paint

Painting is a great way of giving an old house a new look and making it sellable. If you are going to achieve that you need to know how to choose the right paint? In this article, we will discuss three things, the paint type, the sheen, and the colour. Those three things are important considerations because they impact the results you get. So let’s get started.

Latex or Oil Paint

Paints come in different sheens. They are either oil or latex. Most paint contractors love latex paint because it is easier to use and clean. Most importantly, it is durable. Besides, that latex paint resists fade and breathers well than oil. For most of your walls, you should use latex paint.

Oil-based paints are perfect if you are working on real wood mouldings and trim. That’s because oil-based paint seals stains and knots better compared to latex paint. Oil-based paint takes more time to dry than latex paint. That said, if you want something that dries off fast, then you may want to consider latex paint as opposed to oil paint. Different brands exist on the market, feel free to choose the one that suits you.

The Sheen to Choose

When the paint is glossy, it is easy to clean it up. If you have a high traffic room, you need to paint using a high gloss sheen because it makes it easy for you to wipe the wall down. High gloss paint will give your room a nice finished look that complements the flatter sheen of your walls. The kitchen and bathroom are perfect for semi-gloss paint because of their ease to wash. Semi-gloss sheen is cheaper than gloss. That’s why it is an excellent alternative for the kitchen and bathroom.

Ever heard of satin sheens. They have a smooth finish and you can use them in the kitchen, baths, and hallways. They are an excellent pick if you want a glossy and paint that cleans up fast without the shine of a gloss.

For walls full of imperfections, flat or matte paint is the ideal one. The only challenge with this paint is that it does not stand up well with a good cleaning. It shows dirt more often. That said, if you have to choose a flat paint, make sure to apply it on rooms that won’t get lots of dirt. A popular sheen that you can use is called eggshell. It does the job of hiding a room’s imperfections like flat paint. Best of all, you can wash it easily. If you want both a flat and glossy look, you can go eggshell because it offers both of that world.

The Colour

We know you may have your preferences but let me shade some light. If you want to sell a house, you need to paint with neutral colours. We recommend using white or off-white colours. That’s because it allows the person to view or visualize the house with their colours. The second thing, it makes it easier for the buyer to paint the wall with their choice of colours. If you want to know more about paint and colours, you should talk to a salesperson. They will show you various colours and you will have an opportunity to choose the ones you want.