Choose the Perfect Deals for the Best Concrete Driveways


When choosing flooring for exteriors, many factors must be taken into account, as well as aesthetic and above all functional. Basically, outdoor flooring should be resistant to atmospheric agents and frost. It is then necessary to choose it in correspondence with the intended use and the context in which it is to be inserted: if you are looking for a flooring for garages or entrance ramps and avenues, this must be very resistant to traffic; if near the pool, it must be resistant to water penetration, non-slip, resistant to humidity and mold.

The driveways are used to cover paths leading to the entrance of the houses as well as parking areas and paths located within the gardens or around the houses; they must be hard and very solid, resistant to loads (i.e. to the transit of vehicles) and to the action of atmospheric agents as well as wear. They also need to be safe, not slippery but slippery, durable and easy-to-clean monolithic material, which allows a high level of customization; the resin, which is cheap and requires no maintenance. Simply Click here to experience the best options for the same.

The possible solutions?

In the first place we find the stone, which is the oldest and continues to be quite widespread also because the choice relating to types and formats has become nothing short of wide.

The stamped concrete is also excellent, a natural material that does not fear even water (but it is good that it is the result of a process carried out at very high temperatures).

Moreover, for some time also porcelain stoneware has conquered a place among the most used materials for the construction of outdoor floors: thanks to its undeniable qualities and also to its transformative qualities, by virtue of which it faithfully imitates much more expensive materials.

Driveway molded concrete floor

The choice of stamped concrete for the construction of driveway floors entails a series of advantages . First of all, this material perfectly withstands even the heaviest loads and does not force you to deal with settling and dips or imperfections caused by the passage of vehicles and individuals.

In most cases it is also treated to achieve high degrees of resistance to abrasion and wear. The concrete floors printed driveway is not afraid of the changes in temperature, have competitive costs and settle quickly. They do not require any maintenance.
Their greatest value, on the other hand, consists in the possibility of personalizing them through special, or enriching them with designs and decorations and, for example, reproducing the image of stone slabs, bricks, ceramics, even wood. Also in reference to the colors, the choice is very wide.

How much do outdoor driveways cost?

The price of outdoor drive-over floors varies according to the material they are made of, of course, but the manufacturer, the size of the tiles and the thickness, the measures also greatly influence. Reporting exact figures, therefore, is an impossible undertaking. However, as usual, we want to give you some guidance.A driveway floor in stamped concrete costs on average between 50 and 65 euros per square meter for an outdoor porcelain stoneware floor we go up to 70-80 euros per square meter . More or less the same price has the resin floor.