What Is Sweatcoin Application And How Does It Work

Attaining a fit body takes a lot of discipline, the right mindset, and patience. Kicking off a fitness routine is inspiring, but most people would come to a point where they’d be too lazy to carry on. But, not anymore, as there are applications that motivate you to take steps. Get yourself fit while earning incentives at the same time. 

There are a lot of available workout applications you can use to look your best, and one of them is Sweatcoin. In this article, we will provide basic information about what this application is, how it works, and other necessary details you may want to take note of. 

What Is Sweatcoin

The Sweatcoin app is one of the playful applications that pay you for your workout and steps. It tracks your activity for the day and converts the steps made into rewards and coins. Although it does not literally award you with money, instead provides credits you can use to spend on different offers. 

A group of people founded the application from the UK in 2014. They have more than 10 million subscribers and have already tracked about 8 billion steps from them. They made this app accessible in over fifty countries, including Italy, Singapore, Spain, Germany, France, and many more. Sweatcoin is known to be the top fitness app in the US and UK.

How Does It Work

Sweatcoin app counts every step you make to be able to calculate the corresponding reward. For instance, when a person walks for about a thousand steps, that person will gain sweatcoins. 

These coins will add up with continuous use, and you can begin using it from their marketplace. Sweatcoins can be used to redeem food, vouchers, gifts, and even products for a lower price or free.

In addition, a person can earn .95 sweatcoins for every thousand steps. Some articles would tell you that one sweatcoin will be given. That may be true, but then they will use the remaining .05 for the expenses. Everyone can earn as much as they want so long as it is within their membership limit.

What Can You Purchase With Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is tied up with over 160 brand offers that allow you to buy things from coins you have earned. They have two classifications: The Marathon Offers and Daily Offers. Marathon Offers are for long-term saving goals while the Daily offers are for the short-term. Along with the company’s over 300 partners, they provide services and products to all Sweatcoin members.

Daily Offers

The Daily Offers include a lot of products. You can choose from workout clothes, holiday vouchers, and restaurants. Shaving products, watches, and pieces of jewelry are also available. The prices vary from 4 sweatcoins up to 1500 sweatcoins. A Paypal credit or Amazon voucher is also included. 

As much as 50% discount is being offered to products like sunglasses, watches, accessories, and many more. A month music subscription or a free language lesson can also be taken advantage of. But of course, it will all depend on how much sweatcoins you have. This means the longer the walk, the more sweatcoins to be earned.

Marathon Offers

The Marathon Offers are better than the first one, but it is harder to acquire. Users need to be able to collect 6000 to 9000 sweatcoins. But, the application limits your sweatcoin earnings. The most sweatcoins to earn per day is 5, while 150 for the entire month. 

A few of the Marathon Offers rewards are a holiday voucher, iPhones, or $1,000 in cash, and products worth about 20,000 sweatcoins like a headphone or a Smart TV. These offers are being changed every time. If desired, you are also allowed to transfer sweatcoins from and to a friend’s account.

Download And Create Your Account

To enjoy everything that this app offers, you need to be sure that you have downloaded and installed it on your device. Then, you can begin by creating your account and make sure to open your location. From then on, the app will automatically count your steps, no need to keep the app open. Take note that only walking activity is being tallied.

Begin Walking

At first, Sweatcoin utilizes GPS navigation, allowing you to take a walk on outside premises. But recently, they have made it possible to calculate your steps even inside your home. Because of compatibility problems, this feature can only be accessed by an Android device, iPhone 7 or later. Open the app and let it run in the background to start. 

Cash In And Get Rewards

If you think you have earned enough sweatcoins, you may start exchanging them for various offers, whether for Daily or Maraton Offers. Initially, all the rewards are fitness related. But now, they decided to include other varieties such as gadgets, holiday vouchers, and restaurant discounts.


Staying fit and healthy while earning a reward is never this fun. This is all because of the Sweatcoin application. There are indeed many options for monitoring your activities, but this app is one of a kind, so why not give it a try.