Tips to Promote Jewelry Ecommerce on Instagram

Instagram can be a great help for online akoya pearls jewelry stores to promote their business. According to statistics, top global 90% brands are connected to Instagram. Engagement level is ten times higher than Facebook, the leader of social channels. This means, you need to join Instagram

Tips to promote jewelry e-store on Instagram

On Instagram, an active business owner cannot just promote and market their jewelries but even build brand awareness. Tell story via captivating visual contents with engaging captions. Visuals play a vital role in attracting target audience and once they get drawn, you get a chance to build relationship through Instagram stories, public comments, and direct messages

Create brand profile

  • Choose a username that represents your brand.
  • Obviously, your jewelry store name can be used but if it is lengthy keep it short but ensure that it does not deviate far away from your brand.
  • It has to be memorable, clear, and consistent with other social media accounts.

Upload profile photo

  • It can be your e-store logo. This helps to strengthen brand recognition level.
  • Whenever a target customer sees your logo, they instantly identify your brand

Add creative bio

  • The bio has to be short and sweet.
  • Directly state who you are and about your brand.
  • Bios
  • This can be changed often. For example, announce upcoming event or promote campaigns.

Create engaging content

  • Text including hastags and powerful captions or descriptions.
  • Visual including photos and videos produced professionally.
  • Geotags also help in location-based decisions.

Reach audience via Instagram ads

Instagram ads don’t annoy but the distinguishing factor is that it carries a sponsor label below thus you can increase your exposure.

Engage with audience

It is a two-way street. Build meaningful relationship with target customers and followers by interacting with them whenever they reach out. Even interact with other users on Instagram not in your loop but within relevant sector. For example, you can comment or like on other jewelers’ posts. It is a way to allow them know about your presence on Instagram. The chances that they may follow you and find something interesting that would make them become your customer.