Tips for Hong Kong Small Businesses When Dealing With SEO, The Role, And The Performance Indicators


For most the companies in the world and many Hong Kong small businesses, search engine optimization (SEO) is a set methods or strategies, with techniques and tactics that are used to increase the quantity of visitors to a website through getting a high enough ranking placement organically in the search results page of a search engine (including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines).

An experienced SEO company in Hong Kong would tell you this true fact: One end goal (of a local Hong Kong company) of SEO is that when people on the search engines search for the product or service the company offers, the company’s website should appear within the first 10 organic results (i.e. first page of Google). To be more specific, location has to be considered which is usually known as local SEO.

When a user searches on Google in Hong Kong for the product, the SEO performance is considered successful if the company website shows up in Google’s page one. But when the user does the same search when he is in a different country or region, even on Google’s page one the company does not appear, it is not a failure. This is how HK local SEO should have worked.

For the job, a qualified search engine optimization specialist or manager should involve. He would be involved in making certain changes to the Hong Kong company’s website design, planning the content that make the site more attractive to both the target audience and search engines. But it is not only that.

The role is responsible for analyzing the data and reviewing what a website may not have done to its optimal. In the project, the specialist has to align the keywords or phrases which he has identified during his keyword research to the exact content on the website. Ranking on the search engines is one end goal. But ultimately, the actual end goal is to have enough people clicking through the search results and reaching the company website.

To further link up the performance, the effort that has been spent on the SEO project for the specific HK based website should reflect in the end revenue. Some examples that the SEO effort can contribute to the end goal including the number of leads that has been brought through all the Google organic searches, the number of products that has been bought by customers who came through Yahoo organic searches, etc.