The Professional Phone Repair Tools Every iPhone 11 User Needs

Even the most ardent iPhone users will admit that they have to deal with constant iOS and hardware issues. Be it a cracked screen or apps becoming unresponsive – without immediate actions, these problems keep multiplying. In a few months, phone users have no choice but to buy a new phone or engage in expensive repairs. Hence, having access to the best professional phone repair tools is a must for every iPhone user who wishes to become independent needs.  

What Are Some Common Problems? 

Some common hardware issues include – broken screens, audio jack corrosion, USB jack not functioning, etc. Contrary to popular belief, resolving hardware issues in an iPhone is not that difficult. In fact, the software issues in iPhone 11 cause more trouble. The screen death, for instance, can be extremely irritating. The iPhone becomes un-upgradable. Users have to reset their phones iPhone or boot it in the DFU mode several times a day. If you want to avoid expensive iPhone software repairs, having access to software tools is also extremely important.

The Basic Tools – Pentalobe Screwdrivers

Each iPhone 11 comes with two 3.5 mm Pentalobe screws. To get a look inside your iPhone’s mechanical structure, you’ll have to remove these screws. Make sure the phone is switched off before you start disassembling. As you remove the screws with Pentalobe screwdrivers, you’ll open the display layer of the phone. Make sure not to expose this layer to moisture. Once you’ve disassembled an iPhone, all of its water-proof capabilities are gone!

Screen Heater and Suction 

There are some quickfire solutions to display problems. People who suffer from constant display issues with their iPhone 11 need to invest in cell phone repair parts wholesale. While disassembling, you’ll have to apply heat to the lower edges of the phone so that the adhesive holding together the display screen doesn’t cause much trouble. You can use a hairdryer to apply heat. Also, use a suction cup to remove the screen. Doing it manually is too risky as you may end up permanently damaging the screen.

Repair Programs

Software tools such as the JC V1S Light Sensor True Tone Vibrator Programmer are amazing for solving software issues in the iPhone 11. The programmer can resolve software problems such as – light sensor issues, poor color tones in the display, vibrator compatibility issues, or other software upgrade-related glitches. Use the programmer to read or edit your iPhone’s EEPROM chip. This programming tool is the best in the market as it supports all versions of iPhones, guarantees zero data loss, and helps solve some of the most common iPhone software issues.