The Best Way to Find an Accounting Position in a New City

If you are new to an area and are looking for an accounting position the best thing that you can do is to go to accounting staffing agencies. There are several reasons for this – one being that a company looking for an accounting staff person doesn’t know how to interview for someone with accounting skills. The second reason is they are not sure what programs to test a candidate on. So, they usually will go through an accounting staffing agency. 

Have the skills

If you have the skills, then it is advised that you go sign up with accounting staffing agencies. They have all the accounting programs to test you on and know all the right questions to ask. If you get through an interview with them, it won’t be long before they have you placed with a company. 

Don’t try to fake it

But let me warn you, don’t go to an accounting staffing agency if you don’t have the skills or the experience, because they will find that out on the first test, they give you. This is one area that you cannot fake your way through. Or perhaps you did the books for a very small company – you will probably not have the skills to pass the skills test that a good accounting staffing agency is going to test you on. If you are trying to fake your way with them – forget it as they will spot you the first test, they give you. How do I know that – because it happened to me. The first test, I just stared at the paper because I didn’t know half of them. I was a bookkeeper – not an accountant. 

The Fastest way to get an accounting job

But if you have the education, and experience in the accounting field and you have just moved into a new city, an accounting staffing agency will probably be the fastest way to get an accounting job and to start working. 


So, if you are a real accounting professional with the skills and experience – go to an accounting staffing agency and they will probably have you into a new job with a new company in less than a week. Usually, you will be given a general accounting test and then they will test you on several different accounting programs that most companies use. So, don’t feel that you won’t be qualified for the job you get offered because if you were not qualified, they would not have offered it to you.