Online Water Filling Machine Information

The filling unit of the series consists of an annular tank for filling machines with 44 valves and more and a full tank for filling machines with 8 to 40 valves (annular tank – on request – for filling machines from 12 to 40 valves).

In addition, automatic product filling devices have been installed (on request – also with analog signal) with the necessary regulators to optimize product flow. The filling valves are mounted on the lower part of the tank, with the mechanism for positioning and centering the containers.

The volumetric system guarantees the exact quantity of product in the bottle regardless of the variety of each individual container, since the product is measured beforehand in the dosing chamber. You can check water filling machine manufacturer or website for details.

The precision of the dosage ensures minimal waste of the product thanks to the tolerance of approximately +/- 1 ml per liter of the containers. Unlike conventional filling systems, the volumetric system does not require a tub air ventilation pipe, thus avoiding possible contamination of the product.

The machine has been specifically designed and built for easy operation and cleaning, quick replacement of accessories, and simple maintenance. All parts in contact with the bottled product are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and can be washed with hot water and chemicals or by steam sterilization.

The turntable, made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, is mounted on two centering bearings and thrust ball bearings, or on a thrust bearing and a centering bearing for small to medium-sized machines and on a bearing and a support for large machines. It forms the support for the cylinder lifting cylinders and the ring (air chamber) used to supply the compressed air to the cylinders.

The bottles are placed on the centering plates using screws, stars, conveyors, and the conveyor belt.

The tank is connected to the lower carousel using the lifting device (standard and electrically controlled for machines with 20 or more valves, optional for fillers with 8 to 16 valves) which allows the height to be adjusted, depending on the size of the bottles to be filled.


Designed for filling PET containers, it is ideal for still water and flat products. The filling is of the electronic-volumetric type: one of the filling valves is equipped with a magnetic flow metering device which, by measuring the volume transferred into the container, allows the electronics to determine the time necessary to fill the contents wish. All the other filling valves are pneumatically managed on the basis of the time defined by the valve with the magnetic flow metering device.


The filler is ideal for filling glass bottles with plain water. Ease of use, reliability and price competitiveness are some of its main features. They has been designed to minimize and facilitate maintenance. Some solutions used are: – Product dispenser produced thanks to a mechanical seal, eliminating wear on the sliding seals – Disassembly of the carousel filling valve is carried out in less than 30 seconds.