How Unified Communications Can Save You Time

Unified communications or UC is making its mark on how we do business today, and most people don’t even realize it. Fortunately, how it is is happening is not something the majority of workers have to worry about. 

The latest trends in UC save you hours per day. Here are some of the sneaky ways that UC can save you time.

Faster Document Management

Instead of walking to a copy room to make photocopies, documents can be drafted, emailed, signed, and sent back in the blink of an eye through email.

No More Going to Meetings

Before UC, you had to schedule and actively go to a meeting, only to sit and wait through a presentation. With UC, you view a presentation, set up a round table discussion or speak with an entire team, all at once. All you have to do is open a chat window on your computer or mobile device and invite them. Many of them can respond instantly in the same way.

On-Demand Education

Most professions require some form of continuing education. Instead of going to a classroom or a seminar, your classroom or lecture can come to you when you have time.

Eliminate Your Commute

Not only can you make phone calls, have conferences and review your schedule while you are commuting, you can also skip the commute entirely by working remotely. 39% of people who work remotely work faster and 48% of remote workers report being happy and achieving a better work-life balance.

Spend Time with Family Anytime

You can instantly connect to family members in your town or across the globe without ever leaving home. With video conferencing and other software, you can spend more time with your family even when you are at work.

These are just a few ways UC can save you time. There are hundreds of tiny ways that UC saves you time in business and your personal life.