How To Wow the Impressive Candidate For Your Business

When you are hiring top-level candidates for your business or institution, you should not lose sight of the need to put on a good show. This need is especially important when you have narrowed the field to a select few; how you sell your business or institution beyond the interview can either entice or repel the person you hope to bring in. Try these big-picture strategies for wowing the great candidate you want on your team when bringing them into town.

Out-of-Town Shuttle

When the candidates must fly in for the final round of the process, decide on the best transportation approach from the airport. Go the extra mile by picking them up rather than pointing them to a rideshare or taxi service. You can either go yourself, send a trusted hiring committee member or arrange corporate car service New York City. In any of these cases, you are sending the message that they will be taken care of for the duration of their visit.


Out-of-town candidates will likely stay overnight before heading to your location the next morning. Arrange a hotel stay near your business to avoid the stress of traffic issues the next morning. Make certain to arrange an open credit card with the hotel so that prospects do not have to be concerned about finances. Give them time to wind down by taking them straight to the hotel.


If the schedule allows, put together a team to take candidates out to an early dinner. This approach allows them to relax. It also gives your team members the opportunity to see a side of candidates that may not come across in the more formal interview sessions. However, end the dinner early so that your applicants can get back to the hotel to sleep or perform final preparations.

Strong candidates who make it through the initial stages of interview processes are golden prospects. By carefully scheduling the first day they visit for the final stages of the process, you can more easily set the hook in the one you want to land.