How to File a Claim For Baggage Loss?

When you plan a trip, either work-related or a vacation with friends and family, you pack all the necessary essentials in your luggage. Your luggage might even consist of important and/or expensive items such as your passport, wallet, laptop, camera, etc. This makes it very important for you to not lose your bag. However, to protect yourself from the expenses arising out of lost luggage, you can simply purchase a travel insurance plan. It won’t bring back your luggage but the insurance company will at least compensate you for your losses.

To know more about filing an insurance claim in case of baggage loss, keep reading:

How to submit a baggage loss claim?

  1. The moment you realize that your luggage is missing, contact the baggage claim desk and inform the respective transportation facility.
  2. Fill the form to officially lodge a baggage loss complaint. You will also be asked to provide details about the number of items you’ve lost, your residential address, ticket number, and your contact number.
  3. You then need to notify your insurer about the same and provide them the necessary details.
  4. Your claim will then be accepted and registered. The insurance provider will proceed with the necessary action and send the required compensation immediately.

What does travel insurance cover?

  1. Cancelled trip

While planning for your trip, you would make hotel reservations, pay tour advances, and book transport tickets, among other things. However, circumstances might arise wherein you would have to cancel your trip. Some plans such as the asia travel insurance policy also provides coverage for your travel destination.

Most flight and hotel bookings tend to be non-refundable in nature while the remaining charge a cancellation fee. Nobody would want to pay for a trip they could not even make. If you have a travel insurance plan and some unfortunate event takes place while you’re on your trip and need to get back home, you would be reimbursed for the remaining trip.

If your trip is totally cancelled for any reason, you will be compensated accordingly.

  1. Repatriation

Situations might arise wherein you would be sent back to your home country due to bad weather conditions, terrorist attacks, plague, etc. In such instances, a travel insurance plan would cover your sudden return expenses.

  1. Baggage loss

It is common to lose luggage on trips. However, it would be heartbreaking if you lose a bag containing important/expensive things such as jewellery, passport, money, etc. Your travel insurance company will compensate you for the lost items and you can buy any essentials that you might require.


  1. Treatment for medical emergencies

A medical crisis can happen anytime and anywhere, even when you’re on your trip. For most, it might not be easy to cope with the long medical bills in a foreign country. Depending on your type of coverage, your travel insurance company will compensate all such medical expenses.

To get the ideal travel insurance plan, purchase it online so that you are able to get a clear idea of your coverage. Also, make sure that you go through the policy inclusions and exclusions as well as the terms and conditions. This will make your claims procedure easy. Compare multiple general insurance companies online and read customer reviews before finalizing on a travel plan.