How can you choose a wooden crate with handle

Wooden crate with handle are one of the safest methods to carry products. Their sturdy construction protects the contents and offers an easy-to-maneuver configuration for forklifts and pallet jacks. Wooden crates with handles are robust, reusable, and environmentally friendly for packing and delivering products.

Wooden crates are the most durable shipping materials, protecting your product and ensuring it gets to its destination intact.

Simple to use. They are rapidly carried from trucks and ships to their destination, even if heavy or exceptionally massive, because their solid construction and characteristics enable pallet jacks and forklifts to move.

Crates may be “jigged” to create internal divisions for unique product demands.

A conventional wooden container is 4 feet broad by 8 feet long by 4 feet tall. To accommodate huge things, any dimensions are accessible.

Many trucking firms, airlines, and international shippers choose hardwood boxes because they are easier to transport with their equipment and help to avoid the shipment of damaged products.

Characteristics of a well-made wooden container

Screw or latch closures guarantee that your goods are securely fastened.

Skids that are correctly positioned. These keep your cargo off the ground, prevent damage, and allow for simple handling by gear such as forklifts or pallet jacks. This is especially important if the package is large and heavy.

The handles are correctly placed. If handles are included in the design, ensure they are well-positioned for ease of usage. Wholesale websites provide the finest wooden crate with handles.


A well-made crate will have a nice “look” to it, and although it may not be considered beautiful, it should appear respectable.

Hardware that is recessed. You don’t want knobs or hinges to snap off in the middle of a project.

Appropriate labeling. Before shipment:

  • Add directional arrows and cautions to your wooden carton.
  • Never label assets or use the term “art.”
  • Mark such things as “Fragile.”

The Benefits of a Handled Wooden Crate

Relatively Low Price In comparison to a Full Case

Wooden packing may be constructed from off-cut, cost-effective, and repurposed wood stock, notably conventional boxes and pallets. This gives firms a feasible delivery choice without eroding their profitability.

Weight (Much Lighter Than a Full Case)

Wooden crates are made to withstand impacts and sheer weight while using less material than whole wooden or plastic boxes. Containers are constructed from the structurally necessary planks of a case without the additional weight of side and top boards. This results in a sturdy construction with significantly decreased package weight, saving you money on shipping costs.

Packing Product Visibility

The merchandise contained inside a carton is apparent. This means your products will be easily identified, enable producers to breathe, and may even be showroom ready.

Storage and shipping that is stackable and efficient.

Our crate design makes them as strong as an entire hardwood case. A wooden crate’s bracing and stacking requirements guarantee that the design is centered on the structure’s strength. Steel is more muscular but heavier, whereas cardboard is lighter but more susceptible to dampness and has a limited capacity for vertical pressure from stacking. Wooden boxes with handles are breathable, and lightweight crates are ideal for medium- or long-term storage.


Wooden crates with handles should be ordered in bulk as soon as possible. The availability of a wooden container with a handle is satisfactory. Wooden crating is still one of the most prevalent means of product transportation. Even with modern technology, wooden containers offer several benefits. It is essential to select a wooden box appropriate for the intended usage.