Grab a Strategic Edge in The Market with the AI-Infused AccessiBe Tool

The problem most businesses face today is they do not create sites with the subject of accessibility in mind. As a result, they fail to reach out to the community of users with disabilities that constitute 20 % of the users online with spending power. The competition in the market is intense, and if you really wish to make your business reach everyone, including users with disabilities, you must focus on web accessibility.

Just imagine, if you are a business owner with an inaccessible website, you are actually losing out on a large volume of potential buyers for your site. Your competitors in the same business niche with a focus on web accessibility will surpass you in the market competition and grab a competitive edge with success.

Bring the change to your business deserved with AccessiBe

If you do not want to lag behind in the market competition, you should bank on AccessiBe, a trusted name in the field of web accessibility. With this convenient and innovative tool, you are able to get-

  1. Compliance round-the-clock- Web accessibility is a legal responsibility for all business owners, so if you fail to comply with the accessibility laws and regulations in the USA, you will invite expensive lawsuits and fines. Install this tool will help you get rid of accessibility gaps and make your site 100% compliant, protecting you from lawsuits.
  1. Advanced technologies- This tool is powered by modern advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence, enabling it to work faster. The applications of the tool will scan your site daily and ensure it is compliant and there are no accessibility gaps.
  1. Affordable- You no longer have to worry about the expensive manual processes you had to invest in for web accessibility gaps. The tool is super affordable and budget-friendly, even for a small business owner. There are different pricing plans that you can choose as per the requirements of your business. They start from $49 a month and are cost-effective for every business owner.
  1. Enhance the user experience- Seamless accessibility adjustments offered by this tool enhance the user experience. The bounce rates are less, and users with disabilities will keep coming back to your site. They will be happy with the browsing experience, and this goes the extra mile in boosting your goodwill in the market.
  1. Get more sales opportunities and profits- It is obvious that you have more potential buyers of your products and services when you open your doors to web accessibility in an improved manner. This means more web traffic, lead conversions, and sales.

You can install this tool and use it to eliminate accessibility issues. You can give your customers a seamless browsing experience they will enjoy on the Internet with your business site. Moreover, your business is fully compliant, and you no longer need to worry about expensive lawsuits pertaining to web accessibility anymore! Therefore, when it comes to AccessiBe, you will find that you will get a competitive edge with it daily.