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Remember when you look good at a function and people compliment you and talk about it for days? The good days with your hair on point and the make-up done just the perfect amount and the dress that brings the best out of you! Or getting that long-awaited purse or having the luxury of finally owning a rolex or a pair of jordans or showing off how adorable your dog is. The list of things to show off to the world goes on.

Instagram being the new-age such platform and you want to get more compliments and acceptance from others.

For most of the people of this generation, it is awkward to talk face to face and Instagram is a breakthrough for that, providing an opportunity to meet so many new people.

We share our thoughts with them to keep connected to them. Along with that we also want to supply them with an idea of who we are and what our lifestyle looks like. When more people follow us and like our posts, more dopamine is released and makes us feel high on that happiness.

Nowadays, likes are considered to be social standing among peers. And on Instagram for getting more like, you need more followers. The amount of likes you get on a post impacts your mood, i.e. whether one feels uplifted or depressed.

And as not all of us can be that famous for getting hundreds and thousands of followers, we need to seek some other way.

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