Focusing on your Customers

All businesses are looking for the path towards success: the confidence that you’ll still be there, dominating your market in a year, five years and ten years. One of the most reliable ways to achieve this is to focus on your customers. If you know who makes up your market, then using customer data to tailor what you offer to their tastes and budget means you’re never going to miss the mark.

Today we’re looking at some of the most effective ways you can focus on your customers.

Who Are They?

You need to begin with demographic research. You need to learn who your customers are, what their background is, how old they are, disposable income, their living situation and any other qualities that can help you more accurately model your customers.

Some market research firms use a trick to get this data quickly and cost-efficiently. If you pay for only one or two questions in what’s known as an omnibus survey (a big survey which many different businesses can pay to add questions too), you get the results for your questions, but also all the demographic data all the respondents have to provide at the beginning of the survey. If you choose your questions carefully you can use the answers to identify who your customers are (or more accurately, to find the respondents who are interested in making purchases in your niche) and use their demographics to begin the process of making a model of your market.

Extending Your Reach

There’s a very good reason to work with market research firms as you build your understanding of customers: they have a greater reach than you. If you focus only on your existing customer – those you can reach because they’re already loyal to your brand – then you can’t grow! You need to know about the corners of your market holding potential loyal customers who haven’t found your brand yet. 

Engineering for Your Customers

When you’ve identified who your customers are, you don’t have to guess at what works for them. As you design products, websites, tools and ad campaigns, you can make testing with your customers a part of your process. Letting customers have access to prototypes, designs and seeing how they work with them can give you vital clues that mean your final release is easily accessible, with its value to the customer visible up front!