Factors to be Considered While Purchasing Travel Insurance

Travel insurance has become an important part of a travel plan as it protects individuals, families, and groups from different types of misfortunes. These misfortunes include loss of baggage, loss of documents, accidental death, permanent disability due to accident, medical emergencies, and many more people need to consider various factors before purchasing a travel insurance Singapore. There are many companies in the country that people can contact to purchase the policy and HLAS Insurance is one of them. In this article, we are going to discuss those factors.

Coverage Offered in the Policy

The first thing that people need to consider is the number of options covered in the policy. Some of the benefits are available in all plans but some have special benefits and for which people have to pay more money to buy the policy. People need to consider the purpose of the travel along with duration so that they can choose the coverage in a policy accordingly.

Availability of Add-Ons

There are many travel insurance policies, which consist of special types of add-ons. If people want to get these optional add-ons, they have to pay extra money for the same. People need to think about the advantages of the add-ons before making them a part of the insurance policy. These add-ons will make the policy more comprehensive and people will get additional benefits during their travel.

The Flexibility of the Travel Insurance Policy

Travel insurance plans provided by the companies must be flexible enough so that people can make changes as and when needed. These changes have to be done before the commencement of the journey. People can increase the duration of the policy along with the number of benefits and add-ons.

Type of Plan

A variety of travel insurance plans is available, and people need to choose the one, which is beneficial as per their requirement. They can purchase a domestic or international policy. Along with this, family and individual policies are also available. Senior citizens and students can also avail of these policies. People need to check the things covered in the policy and also their budget according to which they have to give premium. People need to research a lot and then compare the policies so that they can purchase the right kind of policy.

Amount to be Insured

Travel insurance policies are available with various sums of amounts that people can insure for themselves. People need to choose such plans that provide maximum coverage at a reasonable rate. The sum to be insured should depend upon the duration of the journey and the destination. Along with these, several members of a group should also be considered, and policy should be purchased accordingly.


People should purchase such a policy whose premium should be affordable and also it covers maximum benefits. People need to check the coverage and premium of different types of a travel insurance policy before availing any one of them. The proper comparison needs to be done for the purpose.

Number of Members Covered

People love to travel in a group. The group can be family members or friends. People need to check whether the travel insurance policy that they are going to purchase will cover all the members of the group or not. People also need to take care of the members who are senior citizens. A normal travel policy will not suffice for them. People need to buy a separate senior citizen policy. The coverage and benefits should be ensured before making a purchase.

Service Network

travel insurance Singapore company employs its agents at the national and international level and people need to check the network about the company so that these agents can be contacted as and when needed. The agents will help people to claim if there is any medical or another type of emergency. If the company does not have its representatives at the international level, then buyers must make sure that they can contact the agents from anywhere in the world to get their claim.

The Ratio of Claim Settlement

This is a ratio of the number of claims that have been settled by the company. If the ratio is high, it means that people will get their claim when they go for it. This should be one of the main criteria to purchase the insurance policy.

Comparison Before Buying

People need to compare the travel insurance policies of various companies before selecting one. The need to read the review relates to the company and the service provided by them. This will help them in shortlisting the companies and then choose the one that provides the best services.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the factors, which people need to keep in mind before purchasing a travel insurance policy. People should compare the policies and coverage that is provided in each policy. After that, they can select the required policy and make a purchase.