Everything You Need To Know About Emirates ID Card

The emirates Identity card is very crucial because it facilitates getting a job in the UAE, and one needs it for various kinds of purposes like verification. The Federal Authority issues the card, and one must carry it for verification. Hence, it is a strong legal requirement, and one needs to abide by all such prerequisites. After applying for the identity card, checking the emirates id status is very easy.

Reasons For Getting An Emirates ID card

  • Most importantly, you need the card for validation and verification. It secures your identity and validates your staying in the UAE. Hence, it is proof of legal residence.
  • You need an emirates ID because using it you can apply for various jobs, especially if you want to approach the government sector like DEWA services and more.
  • If you are not alone and you have dependants like a spouse, children, or your parents, you need the identity proof to be able to show your family members as dependants and get health and other facilities.
  • If you are in the UAE working, you will surely need an apartment. If you want to purchase or rent an apartment, you need to show proof of citizenship, and hence you will need the ID card, so keep checking the emirates id status.
  • An important part of travelling within or outside the country is a prolonged verification procedure. Hence, if you want to clear all scrutiny without hassle, you need to possess and carry the ID card without failure.

How to Check The Status Of The Emirates ID Card?

Firstly you need to log in to the Federal website for identification documents and cards. You need to put in your application number or your Emirates ID number. Post that, you will find a popup box with details about the current status. The information should suffice your queries, and if you still have issues, you can always contact them at their official number.

The Process For ApplicationĀ 

There are some essential steps that one needs to go through before getting an identity card in UAE. Firstly, one needs to apply for an entry permit. If you work for a company in the UAE or own a business, you will get an entry permit. It is valid for only sixty days, and within that, you need to go through with the rest of the procedure. You need to get your medical check-up done as quickly as possible.

There will be tests for HIV, tuberculosis, and depending on the results, you can proceed with the rest of the checking. After this, you may apply for the identity card and for that, you need an eye scan, fingerprint scan, biometric scan, and submit it all. It is necessary during the time of identity card status renewal. The process is complete with UAE visa stamping to your passport. The validity of the ID card is synonymous with the validity of your visa.