Everything that you need to know for successful giveaways

Using promotional items as giveaways is tried and tested marketing tool. Yet, gifting a bad product can damage your brand or often gets ignored. It should be a well planned marketing technique and this guide can help you in planning it better. 

Know the purpose

You should ask certain questions to yourself to know the purpose of giving out items and what do you want to achieve. Giveaways are usually given at trade shows or at events. Though treated as an afterthought, it’s a great occasion to be noticeable amongst the crowd to amplify your brand messaging. Moreover, you need to determine why you have chosen trades shows and what you want to achieve here, before gifting out promotional items. Is it to increase leads or meetings at a booth or display? Or are you just trying to increase brand awareness? Depending on the purpose, you can choose either a low-cost or higher-value or trendy item. If your booth or display has a certain theme, then choose products that bring the messaging alive. For instance, if your display has a 80s theme, you can choose to gift a custom Rubik cube. 

Outside the trade shows 

Many giveaways exist beyond the trade shows; with more personalized sales outreach and account-based marketing approaches, sending a promotional item via direct mail to clients is becoming quite common. Sending promotional products is an effective method to show your clients that how much you care about them. Stay away from T-shirts or other attires that may not fit everybody. Stand out from the crowd to gift something that’s fun and speaks about your brand that people will appreciate. 

The means of gifting items 

Once you’ve found out the purpose and type of gifts, you need to plan how you are sending out gifts to the intended target. For trade shows, you can include gifts in the customised Tote bag along with your company brochures and contact details. Ensure to make the packaging small, so that people can carry them while going, or else it’ll end up lying in the dustbin. If you’re planning to send via courier, you need to have receiver’s physical mailing addresses, while also considering cost of shipping and packaging. If you’re handing over in person, then it would be great. 

Choose the product that fit the goal, audience and stays within your budget. Concept Plus has lot of collection of promotional and personalised gift items. See through the website for more specific ideas.