Essentials For Winter Photography


Winter might not be the perfect time for macro photography, but it is also a fantastic time to try out various subjects like insects and flowers and other tiny subjects. One can still create stunning macro photos in the winter. Snowflake macro photo can be quite confusing, and it needs to be fast as the slow fade might dissolve anytime soon. There are various kinds of accessories you need to capture an excellent macro snowflake photograph. These Are What We Shall discuss in this article as you go down further.

What you need for this photography are:

Black blanket / towel / mitten

This material is essential for collecting substantial amounts of snowflakes. It must have a dark or constructing colour background. Been using this black blanket, you must ensure that there are a considerable gap and the snowflake to allow for proper light reflection. This is why it is more considerable to use woollen clothes because of the ability to create insulation under the snowflake

Camera & Lens

You need a quality high-tech camera, but if that is not available, you can start with whatever you have. No matter the kind of camera you start with what you should consider is the lens. It would be best if you used a macro lens with a reversing ring. The macro lens you use should be able to capture a full-frame macro photography before editing in a photo software pc.


In photography, natural sources of light are considered to be the best. This also applies to macro snowflake photography. There may be a shortage of light in dull on snowy days. To improve this, you can bring a suitable flashlight. Ensure that the flashlight you bring alone is not one that will melt the snowflake easily.


The snowflake in the subject of the photograph. You need to get a suitable amount of snowflake by placing the woollen blanket outside so that some snowflakes that are falling from the sky will fall on it. You can click on to learn more.