Do You Know How Much Will It Cost to Ship A Car to Alaska?

While shipping any car to Alaska, many different things can influence the shipping cost of your vehicle. One most common variable that will always affect the cost is the type of car you want to ship.

The following are a few factors that will decide the cost of shipping:

1.    Car model

The car model that you are planning to ship will always play a major role in deciding the final price to ship your car. If you are planning to ship a bigger-sized vehicle to Alaska, then the price will always be a little bit higher than the cost of shipping any average car.

The main reason for this is actually if your car is quite large then its weight will also be more, and as a result, this will enhance the cost of shipping the car because due to its weight, the trailer carrying your car will also proportionately consume more amount of gas during the hauling.

Also, bigger cars will need a little more labor for maneuvering on and off from the carrier. So, you can expect that a shipping cost for a large SUV will always cost you more than any regular sedan would.

You can safely depend on the service of Ship a Car, Inc. while shipping cars to Alaska and you can be completely relieved from any kind of worries.

2.    Location

Also, the cost of shipping will depend upon, where you are planning to ship your vehicle from. While shipping the car to Alaska, the actual distance from your point of pick up and then the place of drop-off will also play a certain role in deciding the final cost that you will pay.

Usually, all vehicles will be shipped from the port available in Seattle. Therefore, if you have decided to ship your car door-to-port, then the transporter will pick your door, and then finally it will be transported to Seattle.

If your location is close to Seattle, you may drive your car yourself to the port so that it can save you some money for the shipment.

3.    Season

There is one more factor that will decide the cost of shipping, that is during what time of the year you want to ship the car to Alaska. The current season prevailing will also play a big role in deciding the shipping cost for shipping any car to Alaska.

If you plan to ship your car during the summer, then fuel prices will generally be higher, and so will also be a demand for car shipping. Both these factors will lead to increase in shipping prices.

4.    Booking time

How quickly you want your car to be shipped will also play a significant role in deciding the final price of shipping the car to Alaska. If you want to ship your car immediately then the shipping company may charge you a bit higher.

Since the carrier will have to go out of the way to fulfill your need to ship the car urgently to Alaska and hence they will like to be compensated by a higher cost. Therefore, it is always advisable to book in advance.