Can Your HOA Restrict Political Flags?

Flags have been a common decorative item all around the world. Some people may want to display the US flag to show patriotism for their country, and others may put up the flag of their favorite political party to show their support. Since we all know HOA puts restrictions on certain decorations, can they ask you to take down a flag from your own property? 

Whether or not the HOA board can ban flags depends on the rules of your planned community, which kind of flag you put up, and how you choose to display the flag. Then again, it is illegal for associations to restrict people from displaying the US flag on their property. To better understand the state and federal laws and avoid creating rules that can cause legal conflicts, hire Gilbert HOA management companies

Can your HOA restrict you from displaying flags on your private property?

Every HOA has rules and regulations meant to maintain the quality of life in the community. Because of this reason, your HOA can certainly restrict you from putting up flags. However, they cannot ban all kinds of flags. 

For example, if you want to display a US flag, you are well within your rights to do so. The Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005 allows all citizens of America to display the US flag on their private properties, and no association is allowed to ban them. 

If you want to put up your favorite flag, check the federal and state laws. There may be a list of flags that the HOA cannot ban from displaying. 

Can HOA impose rules regarding how to display the flag?

Yes. While the HOA cannot prevent you from displaying the US flag, the state and federal law allows them to impose specific rules regarding the display of the flag. For example, your HOA can decide how many flags you are allowed to put up at once. If you exceed the limit, they will send you a notice and probably charge a fine. 

Your HOA may also be able to decide where on your property you are allowed to display the flag. The other rules include the timings and manner of displaying it. The US Flag Code has the following guidelines about using the US flag. Make sure you comply with them to avoid penalties. 

  • You can display the flag from sunrise to sunset. If the flag illuminates in the dark, you may be allowed to display it at night too. 
  • The flag should not touch the ground. 
  • The flag should be taken down in bad weather. 
  • The flag should be clean and not have any drawings or editing on it.