4 Best Ballpoint Gel Pens That You Must Buy

We indeed have access to modern gadgets like notepads, laptops, and smartphones to record all our data and documents. Yet, a pen is the one companion that never has and never will lose its significance. Whether you’re a College student or a business professional, the need for a good pen cannot be overlooked. There are certainly high-grade options that include ink pens, but it is gel pens and ballpoint pens that incorporate all the good points while terminating the drawbacks. For example – gel pens do not blot or leak on fingers. Having said that, the following guide is a compilation of all high-quality ballpoint gel pens that you can buy at 123ink.ca at affordable rates.

  1. Ballpoint Pen, 0.7mm, 40 PCS / Box – Moustache® – Black

This stylish ballpoint gel pen at 123ink.ca is perfect for college students and school students. It has a very reliable smart grip that doesn’t skid while writing. Besides, an entire pack of 40 pieces costs less than 5 dollars. It has a crisp sharp pin-point tip that offers smooth writing. Some of its highlight features are;

  • It does not create pressure on fingers during long writing sessions.
  • The ink lasts for long and doesn’t blot.
  1. Triangle Grip Ballpoint Pen, 1.0mm, 6/Box, Black – Moustache®

As stylish as they are, they offer an equally smooth and sturdy grip. They have a unique anti-slip design and the ink lasts much longer. These pens are also popular because;

  • They offer smooth and flawless writing.
  • They do not print on the other side of the page.
  • They are reliable with a strong tip that doesn’t break off easily. 
  1. Ballpoint Stick Pens, 1.0mm, 24/Box – Moustache® – Black

These ballpoint gel pens are in much demand because of their strong and sharp metallic tip that runs on the paper like a dream. Besides;

  • They are embedded with premium-quality ink that doesn’t spread unevenly on the paper.
  • They are available in bold colors, yet, they do not drag or smudge.
  • They have an ergonomic and strong barrel grip that makes them non-slippery.
  1. PaperMate® InkJoy 100 ST 1.0mm Ballpoint Pen, 12/Box – Black

These super-affordable ballpoint pens are filled with long-lasting premium-quality ink that does not drag or smudge even when the pen is consistently used for hours. Read some of the must-mention features of these pens down below.

  • They feature a slick pocket clip design.
  • They offer a sturdy grip that’s easy on the fingers.
  • They are non-skid pens. 
  • The ink dries quickly and doesn’t blot.