Why There are More Accidents in Summer and How to Avoid them?

Car accidents can happen at any time during day or night and we all have to be careful about driving on the road. It is suggested to use all equipment for safety measures such as headlights, taillights, brakes and indicators so that other drivers are aware of your movements. The stats have revealed the fact that summer is the time during the year when accidents are on the rise. According to a car accident attorney Columbia City, people are out for vacations and work more as compared to winters and rainy seasons.

Summers are the deadliest time of the year

We all love to spend time outdoors and summers are the perfect season. You don’t need to carry big bags and luggage if you plan a holiday in the company of your loved ones. With a few clothes and shoes, you are all set to go to your favorite location. However, during this time, more traffic is on the road, which means more road accidents and car accident claims. The data has been collected from the insurance companies and attorneys.  The common behavior observed in people during summers is elaborated below:

  • Over speeding on the road 
  • Eating, drinking, using cell phones and distracted driving due to changing music or GPS navigation
  • Violating traffic laws such as jumping lights, driving in pedestrian lane and taking a turn without using an indicator
  • Driving the car under the influence

It has also been observed that people stay outdoor even after the evening and tend to spend the late nights out of their homes. It may give rise to more accidents late at night due to drunken driving.  Some of the ways, by which you can avoid these accidents, are elaborated below:

  • As soon as you get inside the car, you should buckle up your seat belt and check everything thoroughly. If you have a passenger with you, you must ask him or her to put on the seat belt as well.
  • It is suggested to check the road, which you want to travel for traffic jams and under construction.
  • You must leave your home several minutes before the time to reach the destination. It will save you from rash driving
  • If you are unfamiliar with the road, you should drive carefully for intersections and single lanes.

It is highly recommended not to break any traffic rules because it can cost you a lot.