How To Keep Your Office Equipment Functioning Smoothly

The smooth and efficient functioning of your business often depends upon the smooth and efficient functioning of your office equipment. When a computer or a copier or a printer breaks down, it can throw off your whole schedule. While equipment mishaps are sometimes unavoidable, you can help your office equipment remain in working order by following a few simple tips.

Position Correctly

If your office equipment is located where people are constantly bumping against it or threatening to knock it over, there’s a good chance your equipment won’t be in top operating condition for very long. Position your equipment in a safe place, away from high traffic areas and with plenty of operating space and ventilation.

Train Properly

Equipment breaks when people don’t use it properly, so train yourself and your employees according to the equipment’s instruction manual. Before you even take a new piece of equipment out of its box, read the instructions, and post some signs with basic operating directions and troubleshooting tips. Occasional refresher sessions never hurt either.

Clean Frequently

Clean your office equipment frequently. Dust can wreck havoc with machinery, so you will want to wipe down your equipment each week. Microfiber cloths work well, but follow the care instructions that come with the equipment. During your weekly cleaning, also check your equipment for defects and damage. If you can easily make a repair yourself, do so. Otherwise, write down what needs attention, and call a service company.

Get Help Quickly

If a piece of office equipment experiences a major breakdown, call printer services Leesburg VA or a computer repair technician right away. Don’t try to handle the problem by tinkering. You might make things worse. An experienced professional will be able to assess what is wrong, fix the issue, order replacement parts or suggest new equipment.

Indeed, your office equipment plays a major role in your business, so treat it with care, and it will serve you well.