What is a binary option investment?

A binary option is a way of making money online from two choices by investing some amount of money. Making a choice will decide the result. Firstly, you will have to buy an asset. Then, you will specify the time after which the price should be analyzed. Then, you will invest some money. The price of selection will be compared with the price after the time of expiry and based on your prediction; you will either win or lose. Thus, the result is based on your choice. Making the right choice requires proper knowledge and research about the asset in which you are investing.

What are the different binary options types?


  • Up and down binary option is the commonly used binary option. In this type, you will predict whether the price of the asset will increase or decrease.
  • There is another binary option in which you specify the upper limit and lower limit of price. The result would be based on whether the price after expiration falls within or outside the boundary.
  • Touch is another binary option. In this type, the trader has to predict whether the price will touch the specified price during fluctuation before expiry.


How to increase your chances of winning the bonus?

The things that make a difference in online trading are knowledge and experience. Knowledge can save you from any mishap. For this, you have to keep track of binary options signals. These signals are provided by powerful apps. These help you to choose a better strategy and to select the right time to invest. These also inform you of the market trends keeping in view the history. You will also be provided by heat maps that indicate a favorable time. In short, binary signals can help you a lot in making the right decision.