Things That Improve Safety in a Commercial Kitchen Business

If you already manage or are thinking about opening a commercial kitchen, then you probably know that maintaining workplace welfare is an important aspect of your business. Kitchen safety comprises both food safety and physical safety. Safe food handling involves keeping the work area clean and using the right tools for the right tasks. Physical safety can be increased by having certain items in your kitchen that will benefit everyone’s well-being.

Put Equipment on Wheels

Different types of industrial equipment are required to operate a commercial kitchen. Most of these items are large and heavy and need to be moved throughout the day. Adding wheels to kitchen machinery with the help of casters will make equipment easier to move around your workspace. Casters are mechanisms that include parts like wheels, stainless steel roller bearings, and a mount that attaches to the underside of an appliance. Once your gear is on wheels, it will then be easier to perform safety tasks such as cleaning the floor.

Use a Three Part Sink

Many kitchens use a three compartment sink to optimize safety in the dish washing procedure. The importance of the three part sink is that one compartment is used to degrease the dishes, a second compartment to rinse off the soap, and a third compartment to hold a quarternary sanitizer. Usually local health departments recommend the three part sink to keep your kitchen up to code. This type of sink assures your dishes are sanitized properly, and helps altogether streamline the washing process.

Wear Non-Slip Shoes

Another key part to keeping up kitchen safety is to ensure everyone is wearing non-slip shoes. Shoes with a non-slip sole are available in a variety of different styles, sizes, and colors. You can prevent unnecessary slip and fall accidents by requiring employees to use shoes with these special soles. Some shoe manufacturers offer a discount program for food service companies who buy bulk orders of safety shoes. Preventing falls will also help your company avoid costly lawsuits against your business liability insurance.

These simple practices like adding wheels to your equipment can help make your kitchen a safer place. When you operate a commercial kitchen safely, not only do your employees benefit from being in a better work environment, but the reward is passed on to your customers via safely produced final products. As the common phrase goes among kitchen workers, “work smarter, not harder.”