The Comprehensive Guide to Full Truckload Shipping

Road transport of full loads or full truckload shipping specialty. Also known as closed or full load, full load is widely used in the south and southeast regions, the focus of our coverage.

So that you can better understand the characteristics of this type of load, we decided, through this publication, to explain how it works and the advantages of the full load. So you can be sure this is the ideal shipping method for your business.

Full Or Closed Load Or Capacity Concept

According to Cowtown Express, full load — also known as full load and closed load — is a modality in which the truck is loaded with orders from just one shipper. This may happen due to the large volume transported, customer restrictions regarding vehicle sharing, and delivery urgency.

  • Advantages of full load for our customers
  • Better Cargo Organization
  • Good Cost Reduction
  • Greater Delivery Agility
  • Enhanced Security
  1. Better Cargo Organization

As the vehicle used in this modality is used exclusively for this transport, there is greater flexibility and options for the disposition of transported goods. With this facility, optimizing the vehicle’s space to accommodate as many products as possible is possible.

  1. Good Cost Savings

As a consequence of space optimization comes cost reduction as the vehicle will accommodate more goods, reducing the number of vehicles for the total load required. This is mainly because the service can be negotiated and prices agreed in advance, giving the customer an estimate of transportation costs. Furthermore, better cargo organization reduces damage and losses during transport.

  1. Greater Agility In Delivery

The full load generally has only one stop after leaving its origin: the final destination. In some cases, cargo may have up to three delivery locations. Transporting full loads takes a shorter time, making the service much more agile than in other modes.

  1. Enhanced Security

A load with fewer deliveries or diversions will have less exposure to road transport risks, such as theft and loss. Tracking cargo with only one final destination is also less complex, as unforeseen deviations can quickly be identified.


Now that you better understand what full load is and some of its advantages, feel free to contact our commercial department and request a quote or even information that still leaves you in doubt about the subject.