Steps to Take After Your Child is Injured in a Dog Bite Accident in Rockford

Despite us saying that dogs are human’s best friends, they can become your enemy in no time. When you take your kid to a park, you expect your child to have a great time and enjoy themselves. However, things do not always go as per the plan. Dog attacks can be physically painful and terrifying, especially when a child is a victim. 

Children are comparatively weaker than adults, meaning the accident can be physically and mentally harmful. If your child is injured due to a dog attack, you can hold the dog owner accountable by filing a personal injury claim. Before proceeding ahead, you should always take legal advice from an Illinois personal injury lawyer to get fair compensation. 

Here is what to do after a dog attacks your child. 

  • Take them to the doctor right away. 

Dog bites can be severe. Take your child to the nearest hospital and get a complete medical evaluation to ensure they are free from any harmful infections. If there is a lack of proof for the dog’s vaccination, your child will have to undergo treatment. Additionally, your child may also experience trauma or other mental distress following the dog bite. It is crucial to help your child’s health -mentally and physically and strictly follow the doctor’s advice. 

  • Track the dog owner. 

If possible, try to track the dog owner. You can revisit the park the next day to see if they are around. If found, let them know about the attack and your child’s injuries that need medical attention. Furthermore, do not forget to take their personal information, including their name, contact number, address, and other details. 

  • Collect evidence. 

You will be overwhelmed and emotional seeing your child hurt as a parent. While you take complete care of them, make sure you collect evidence that depicts your child was injured due to the dog bite. For example, click pictures of the injuries they got, picture of the dog (if possible), collect any witness information who saw the attack, images of property damage, and preserve any clothes with bloodstains of your child or ripped off during the attack. 

  • Do not forget to file a report. 

Although the hospital is supposed to file a report to the local authority, make sure you go and file a report so that you will be sure about the same. Additionally, you can demand a copy of the report from the local authority to support your claim.