Small Business 101: How To Protect Your Business From Fire And Other Risks

When you start a business, there’s a number of risks that are presented at hand. One of the nightmares of business owners is the risk of fire. Luckily, there are fire suppression companies out there that can help you.

Moreover, with the things discussed in this post, you can better prepare for what’s to come.

Preparing for the unexpected should be one of the top qualities of every business. As for fire-related incidents, these are much worse because fire can rob you in a way that you can never get the lost items back.

Truly, if you want to succeed in business, you need to fire-proof the premises. Here’s how!

Maintaining fire equipment regularly

This is basic fire 101 and small business 101 – you need to ensure that the fire extinguishers used in your building are updated and maintained regularly. Moreover, qualified people are tasked to inspect business premises for this purpose.

However, having an updated and fairly maintained fire equipment does not guarantee that you are safe from fire incidents, which actually leads us to the next point – training your employees.

Training your employees

Fire suppression companies would often share tips like training your employees on how to use fire equipment properly. Because the truth is, having a fire extinguisher but no one who knows how to properly use it is indeed pointless.

The good thing about training your employees to properly operate a fire extinguisher is that you only need to teach them the basics. Believe it or not, not a lot of people have experienced using a fire extinguisher. Basic training can definitely save lives!

Invest in a fire suppression system

Visit some of the local fire suppression companies in your area and shop around for a really good fire sprinkler system or fire suppression system. Nevertheless, there are states with laws that obliged business owners to have a decent fire sprinkler.

If you are operating a restaurant, you would need a particular model; the UL-300 compliant wet chemical fire suppression system. Moreover, you need to follow the NFPA 96 standard for ventilation and fire protection. Pay attention to some of the local jurisdictions that are required inside commercial buildings.

Always have an exit strategy

The thing about fire-related instances is that you can never be sure with when a fire will occur, how it will occur, and how big it’s going to be. Your best attempt at being safe is prevention. Moreover, should there be a fire, you need to have a well-calculated plan of evacuation.

Always have an exit strategy and create an emergency exit plan. You can practice or drill your employees to following this emergency exit plan so that in cases of fire, they will be more than prepared and it will cause less anxiety or panic from everyone.

Of course, the risk of incurring a fire depends on your ability to keep the premises fire-proof and the kind of business that you are running. Remember, read your local fire jurisdiction first before buying your fire equipment.

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