How Lean Six Sigma Training Prepares You For The Market?

Marketing management primarily focuses on the orientation of marketing including methods as well as techniques at a very practical level. Six Sigma has introduced a major level of changes in the manufacturing processes of companies and the same thing is creating an impact in the marketing as well as sales functions in various companies.

Application of Six Sigma DMAIC framework

It stands for:

  • Define – Define what the business marketing problems are. Setting goals and assessing how this will benefit the entrepreneurship or the organization.
  • Measure – Collecting data and measuring it to see if the measurements are effective at all.
  • Analyze – Notice trends and correlation if specific media posts are yielding higher engagement figures.
  • Improve – Determine if time and money invested in unnecessary marketing efforts can be eliminated completely.
  • Control – Your marketing team should have a better and deeper understanding of what aspect of your marketing expense can deliver the highest return on investment ROI.

How lean Six Sigma certification helps with marketing career?

Before enrolling for Lean Six Sigma certification, you must understand that Six Sigma is applicable for process improvement and all businesses go through a number of processes. But you need to understand that with processes, there will always be defects and Six Sigma helps to improve on that methodology.

The areas where Six Sigma can be helpful:

  • Effective resource utilization for business development leading to market segmentation and customer segments, thereby reducing efforts for business development.
  • Reducing TAT for the closing of deals starting from inquiry to order.
  • Any sub-level process where there’s a delay.
  • If your portfolio features after sales too then you may include, improving the CSAT also for the case study.

Having some leadership qualities is an added bonus for marketing professionals.

Before getting deeper into Lean Six Sigma Certification, you must break down Lean Six Sigma into understandable parts. Lean is a method that teaches you about the reduction in wastes in the whole process leading to the ultimate goal of overall cycle time reduction, thereby maintaining optimum customer satisfaction.

Six Sigma, on the other hand, is the method of reducing variation in the process for delivering solutions with no defects, output quality, and maintaining a particular quality or standard.

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