Examples of Soft Skills and How to Improve Them

One thing I have been asked many times is “what are soft skills and how do you improve them”. I have found that in most cases the answer is simply to practise. If someone does something for me, I will practise it until it is perfect. If I do not practise it first, I am likely to forget about it, which may hinder its success.

One thing I have found is that in order to improve my soft skills I need to keep re-trying them until I get a perfect result. If I leave it long enough it will get boring and stop helping my business. I need to be positive that I can achieve it. I also need to set some targets as well. I need to know what I want to achieve and then go for it.

For example one skill I have is ‘standing on one foot for a long time’. I have tried many times to stand on one foot and keep standing for a long period of time but failed every time. This is because I did not work on this skill. In fact for two weeks I did not even try.

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So I now know that I need to practise this skill. I have a set date to complete this task so I need to make sure I am going to put this to the test on that day. I have organised the whole day in advance so I know exactly when I am going to start. Another way I have used to practise my soft skills is to read the night table diary.

I started by reading one chapter from each book I have in my bedroom. In one night I managed to copy down what I wanted to achieve. Once I read one chapter I got my results, my goal was to copy down 20 different things. One night was not enough, this was a full night of reading. To make this more effective you should think about your goals in different ways.

How do you identify which soft skills you need to improve? This can be quite tricky, it does not have to be so. Spend a few minutes thinking about what you enjoy doing and see if you can achieve this, maybe you like cooking, playing computer games or sewing. Whatever it is just do it as much as possible. I hope this article has given you some ideas on how to start improving your soft skills.

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