Common Product Photography Mistakes Pearl Jewelry Businesses Make

Photography of jewelry product is full of challenges. Products are reflective, small, and are tough to stage to shoot it. However, such challenges are easy to overcome with just a bit of preparation. Below ten commonly made mistakes are mentioned to prevent of repeating at the time of photographing your pearl jewelry.

Smudged or unprepared products

It is important for your pearl jewelry set to be polished as well as clean. This challenge comes from the detailed captured by proper lighting setup and DSLR camera. The resultant image will mostly be blown up many times the real size of the pearl jewelry.

Photography has the power to expose all those details that are invisible to the naked eye. Wipe down the jewelry every single time you try to touch it. Wearing gloves of cotton will save your time as well as reshoots.

Inconsistent shooting

Develop guidelines for pearl jewelry photography. Follow them diligently. Consistency holds a primary significance in product photography. Variations from shot to shot or product to product will divert the attention of customers.

 It is important to document all those things such as camera settings, background, equipment position and lighting. Ensure that you can easily resume shooting without any obvious changes.

Complex background

Some inexperienced sellers find white background “boring” or poor branding opportunity”. Differentiating themselves with active and colorful backgrounds is a mistake.

Glitter and Bracelets

Do not add diverting elements and unnecessary props in the background. This is the strategy used by prominent e-commerce marketplaces. They need a neutral or white background. A light gray and plain white background helps in keeping the focus on the pearl jewelry.

Rings on black and white colored backgrounds

White backdrops are comparatively cheaper and quite easier to create as compared to other background colors. Also, you can very easily modify the background of photos. You can use white paper, form a light box, and photograph white pearl jewelry on pure white backgrounds.


Now that, you are aware of what should not be done, you must start shooting! Prevent these mistakes and you are all set to form beautiful pearl jewelry photography.