Choosing the Smartest Options in Scottish Culture

What is Scotland? It’s whiskey, it’s a checkered skirt, and it’s a bagpipe like a cry. What makes Scottish Highlands proud is that they created the plaid skirt. As the bagpipes echoed through the mountains and canyons of Scotland, the Celtics truly found their home for their souls. In the bagpipe melody, let’s approach Scotland and taste the pure “liquid gold” to experience the rich Scottish style. Now with the high-quality bagpipes for sale  you can find the smartest solutions.

Music Totem-Bagpipe

Bagpipes are an indispensable instrument in battlefields filled with smoke and in festivals of sing and laughter. In many cities in the Commonwealth, it’s not hard to find one or two well-dressed Scottish artists standing alone on the streets, playing the bagpipes intently, and the accessories (feather headdress, plaid skirt, wool socks, belt, shawl, money clip) No less. For the Scottish nation, bagpipes are not only a musical instrument, but also a spiritual totem of the nation.

  • The original Scottish bagpipes consisted of a bellows-type bellows, a melody pipe, a blowpipe, and a fixed pitch bass pipe. This basic shape continued until 1500 AD until the second bass pipe was configured to the body. About 200 years later, the third bass tube, which is the largest bass tube we see today, appeared on the body of the bagpipe. Scottish bagpipes originally belonged to war music, used for marching, for gathering Highlanders, and for mourning the dead. Bagpipe music is also a kind of peaceful music, used to dance straspe, to play with the violin, accordion, to celebrate, and to courtship. It once replaced the harp that the Scots loved.

Scottish People and the Culture

In 1745, before the Scottish people’s uprising rebelled against tyrant rule, playing bagpipes was strictly prohibited by the law at that time. At that time, the bagpipe school was forced to close, and some hereditary bagpiper families were displaced. For many years to come, there was a serious crisis in the existence and development of bagpipes. Later, in order to save bagpipe music, the artist began a large number of folk gathering activities, and even some of the music circulated orally in ordinary folks was included by the artists. For this reason, future generations will appreciate hundreds of precious bagpipe music works.

In Scotland, this ancient instrumental music has been well known and played by people from all over the world, and the Scots feel the valuable spiritual wealth left by the Celtic ancestors through bagpipes. You can be sure of it with the long practice chanter online now.

A woolen plaid skirt has long been a symbol of Scottish national costume

Scottish plaid skirt

The Scottish plaid skirt originated in an ancient costume called “Gilt”. This is a short skirt from waist to knees, made of tweed, with large continuous squares on the cloth surface. A Scottish national costume includes: a knee-length plaid skirt, a matching vest and a tweed jacket, and a pair of thick knitted socks. The skirt was fastened with a wide leather belt.